*This is a detailed description of all our services. For a simplified tour, visit our Get Started section.

Graphic Design

Image Marketing will design a logo, website, print collateral, stationery, and online image to perfectly fit your unique style and message. Our design department prides itself on developing work that is both striking and appropriate for your needs. Image Marketing’s design work has been seen in NASCAR and the American Le Mans series, on premier wine labels, and on catalogs and brochures throughout the county. Your business is already the best at what it does–let us create an image that helps you stand out from the pack!

Logo Design

Your logo is your calling card–it’s the face of your business, it’s what customers will think of first when your brand comes to mind. A good logo is therefore one of the most important tools in getting your brand recognized and making your company stand out from the pack. Image Marketing understands the importance of creating a logo that’s not only visually arresting but also suitable for your business. It isn’t enough to have the flashiest logo in the game; your logo should communicate something about your brand to the customer.

Print Collateral

Once we’ve created an arresting and expressive logo for your business, Image Marketing will create a complete set of collateral, including stationery—business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.—posters, table tents, even coasters! This printed material will launch your new brand into the world, giving your customers a physical indication of your presence in the market. A good business card is like a well-tailored suit. Colleagues and competitors alike are bound to envy you for it.

Web Design

Now that your brand is familiar with the local market, it’s time to go global. Image Marketing’s experienced team of web and graphic designers will work together to create a site that’s as sophisticated as the company it represents. We understand the importance of a visually striking site as well as one with solid and understandable user interface and easy navigation.

Search Engine Optimization

We don’t just toss your site onto the web—we make sure Google can find it. We will help you figure out who your target market is and what they’re searching for. Unlike most development studios, we have editors on staff who will not only write compelling copy, but copy that understand what Google likes to find. Our onsite SEO experts are ready to help you before and after we launch your site so that it remains a functional part of your business.


We can also help you set up your Google Adwords campaign correctly. With our help, you’ll bid the right amount for the right keywords, track what keywords convert to traffic, and cut the ones that don’t.

Social Media

Bring your business into the spotlight! We’ll link all your Internet accounts together, making it possible to make a single update to your website and automatically push it to all your other accounts–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can even post to your website directly from your phone!

Email Marketing / List Building

Build customer loyalty quickly and affordability with e-mail marketing. We’ll help collect and manage leads from your website, supplying you with a fresh cue of potential clients and customers. We’ll set up monthly newsletters, helping you connect with your client base or provide them with special deals.

A/B Testing

Not only will we create your site for you, we’ll also fine-tune it into a lean, mean, money-converting machine.


Image Marketing understands that building a successful brand for your business goes far beyond a flashy website and an eye-catching business card. While these things are certainly important, there must be something behind the flash; a successful brand encompasses and represents the business, immediately making a customer feel both comfortable and familiar with the product or the company as a whole.

Print Collateral

Image Marketing will create an entire array of branding materials for your company or product, beginning with a smart, eye-catching logo—after that, the sky is truly the limit. We’ve built countless websites and designed and produced numerous business cards, stationery sets, coasters, stickers, posters, table tents, and other materials which ensure that your brand will be seen in all corners of the region, however large—or small!—that region may be.

Internet Marketing

While a slew of beautiful printed material starts to propagate itself—in office buildings, in bars, in mailboxes—thus spreading the word of your business on a local scale, Image Marketing will work behind the scenes, creating a robust website optimized for that most-important tool—the search engine. Image Marketing understands both the power of Google in today’s marketplace, as well as how to harness the power. Before long, your site will begin appearing at the top of most searches for various keywords concerning your business. In a saturated marketplace, this is a crucial step toward becoming not only a profitable business but also a thriving one.

Image Marketing also understands the power of social networking; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all powerful and necessary tools to spread the word about your new brand. Image Marketing harnesses that power and makes it incredibly easy for you to update all three sites—and more—with the single click of a button. We can even give you the power to update these services, along with your website, directly from your mobile phone.